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Second Place

Working hard on my story about the Hover Craft racer. The title is “Second Place.” I’ve got a great start on it. I have some complex themes that I’m trying to weave into the story, such as learning to live with unfilfilled expectations after you’ve done your best. That’s a hard one for me personally, so that is what pops up in my stories.

When I have it finished I will post it to my website and let everyone know to go check it out. It probably won’t be until next week because I’m going to the Sci-fi convention (  this weekend here in Tampa, so I won’t have a lot of time to work on it. AND (even better) I want to see what I learn at some of the writing workshops at the Con and see if I can apply that to this story.

I will keep you posted!

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Going Tweety…

Thanks all for the encouragement to tweet!   I started my first twitter account! Now I have to spend time looking for people to follow!  I also have to figure out how to put my profile in, upload a photo, and post in my blog and website how to “follow me.” I think that’s how it is done!   

I’m sharing one of the recent pictures my husband took.  This is the Florida version of a tweet!!

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

I find myself behind the times. I was slow to adopt Facebook. This is my first Blog. I don’t own a smart-phone (I just recently got my first blackberry for work, and it is the old kind – no touch screen) and I don’t even have a GPS in my car. I’m not sure what has happened here.  Back in the 80’s I was on the cutting edge!

I was posting to online bulletin boards before anyone had ever heard of the internet.  I was learning word processing and spreadsheets before Windows. In fact, when Windows came out, I was right on that bandwagon!  So, what happened? Somewhere between then and now, technology has passed me by and I’m just now trying to figure out how to catch up.

So, now when I’m trying to figure out how to get the word out about my upcoming e-book (due out any minute now!), I’m wondering about this tweeting stuff.

I don’t follow anyone and no one follows me. I don’t even have an account. But, I know how popular this service is and I think I’m going to have to eventually break down and do it. 

What do you all think?  To tweet or not to tweet?!?!


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Survey Day

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m working on a short story about a Hover-craft racer. I write mostly Sci-fi and fantasy, in case you are not aware. I also like to put unusal twists or strange things in my stories. In thinking about the Hover-Craft story, I was thinking that since I’m also blogging about my writing that I should do a survey and see if you all like a few of the situations I’m thinking about adding to the story.

So, as mentioned previously, the story starts out with a race. After that the main character, Geddy is transported against her will to another dimension.  (that’s ALL I’m giving away!) So, here are some things that might happen to her in this world:

She steals a hover craft and races away trying to escape the bad guys
She’s thrown in jail because she doesn’t have the right ID (and they think she might have killed someone)
She goes on a date with a rich guy
She breaks into a secret lab to steal the technology to send her home
She decides she likes this world better and heads for the beach

So, without giving away anything else, you all can comment your votes for which of the above scenarios sounds the best – or throw in your own idea. 

I’m going to put this story on my website when it is finished – so everyone will be able to see just how it turns out.

Thanks all!!


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The update went to publish today! It should be ready by Monday! Stay tuned for updates… and check out my website:

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upcoming ebook

So, I figured I should blog just a bit about my e-book, since that’s why I’m doing all of this… It is a book of 7 short stories called, “Stories to Fight Demons By.”  The current publication date is February 13, 2010. I’m working on getting a website up by that date as well. Then, anyone can log on to my website and find a bit about the book, a bit about me, a free short story or two, and the best part… a link to buy the e-book!

Five of the seven stories have actually been previously published in various online magazines. The other two are new, but just as good.  These stories are, as you can tell by the title, mostly catagorized in the fantasy genre, although it is hard to really put a finger on what they are. A little fantasy, meta physical, horror, and even sci-fi, all blended together in a fast read.  That’s the best way to describe my style.

A little about the stories themselves? Well, I think I’ll dish that out a little bit at a time. But, I can tell you that the first story I ever sold is in here. It is about fighting your own inner demon, and trying to make up for past mistakes.  It is called, “Rubicon” and is what I named my blog after!  The main character is a total bass ass and it is a bit on the Sci-fi side. I think you’ll love it!

So, if you like this kind of thing, share my blog with others and post on your FB site!   I need all the help and all the sharing I can get!!

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web address quest

Getting ready to put up the website for the e-book. Problem #1 what do I call it? A quick survey of other authors shows that the majority (but not all by any means) use their name. For example: and and, but the author of the Eragon series uses the name of the country in the book:

Here is my problem:  my name is ‘Sherri Jordan-Asble’ and that’s what I’m writing under. I think it is just a hard name. You have to spell Sherri correctly, and that in itself is a challenge. Then you have to get the Jordan part right – some people use an ‘e’ in there. Then the “Asble” and I already know that is a hard name for some people. Then it is a long name. So, what should I use:

OR… should I use to go along with my blog name? After doing a search on “rubicon writing” I think I’m using my name in some form. There are other “rubicon writings” out there in various forms. So, the question is which name…

You can see why I’m having trouble with this decision. So, I think I’ll let you all help me out. Please post your comments on this post with what you think my web address should be. Thanks for your support!


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