web address quest

Getting ready to put up the website for the e-book. Problem #1 what do I call it? A quick survey of other authors shows that the majority (but not all by any means) use their name. For example: http://www.stephaniemeyers.com and http://www.stephenking.com and http://www.tadwilliams.com, but the author of the Eragon series uses the name of the country in the book: http://www.alagaesia.com

Here is my problem:  my name is ‘Sherri Jordan-Asble’ and that’s what I’m writing under. I think it is just a hard name. You have to spell Sherri correctly, and that in itself is a challenge. Then you have to get the Jordan part right – some people use an ‘e’ in there. Then the “Asble” and I already know that is a hard name for some people. Then it is a long name. So, what should I use:


OR… should I use http://www.rubiconwriting.com to go along with my blog name? After doing a search on “rubicon writing” I think I’m using my name in some form. There are other “rubicon writings” out there in various forms. So, the question is which name…

You can see why I’m having trouble with this decision. So, I think I’ll let you all help me out. Please post your comments on this post with what you think my web address should be. Thanks for your support!


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5 responses to “web address quest

  1. I actually really like your full name for this. It looks interesting, and regardless of what you use, people are bound to misspell…I mean how many people spell alagaesia right the first time?

  2. I would go with the sjordanasble.com… i am familiar with your names and that just seemed to be the easier one to pick up on the other one has too many dots in the i and j and people may get confused,…. where does the L come in in the last one( cause you don’t want to add another first name into the mix I’m guessing Lynn)

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