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Want to know about vampires?

I’m working on my new novel, Desolate Incubus.  It is about some bad ass vampires that find themselves on a strange path. They have to figure out what is going on while trying to decide if they are the good guys, the bad guys, or something else completely.

When working on a novel, sometimes I write a lot of “back story” stuff that doesn’t really make it into the story (or at least not in the form I originally write it in).  It is part of the process of creating the characters and universe (or world) in which we put the characters in.  I must have a clear picture of it in my mind before I can tell the story.  So, the following is a bit about how vampires are “made” within the realm of Desolate Incubus. The premise is definitely a part of the story, but this paragraph is not one you will see in directly in the story, at least not in this form. So, this is really a sneak peek, behind the scenes if you will… enjoy.


It is really simple, yet complex and difficult. You have to drain the potential vampire of as much blood as you can without killing them, and then replace it with vampire blood.  The vampire blood slowly takes over all internal systems and changes the human into vampire. But, it is a difficult process because if you take too much of the blood, they die. You have to be careful not to kill them, and in the heat of a bloodlust, vampires tend to lose control. Vampires are not “dead” or the waking dead or walking dead like all the stories and myths indicate, they are very much alive, just different from humans. If you kill the human while trying to change them, they are just dead. You can’t bring them back from the dead. You don’t get a second chance. After draining the human, you need to give them enough vampire blood to actually take over their system. It is as much art as science. A lot of vampires that try this end up dying because they let the new vampire feed until they themselves are too weak to stop the feeding. The new vampire hits the blood lust stage as the vampire blood takes over, and then the new vampire ends up killing the maker.  Yes, a vampire will die if it is completely drained; little known fact.

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Deep and Dangerous

I read someone else’s blog today and it was very deep, like the depths of the universe deep.  I realized after I read it that my blogs are anything but deep, which is strange because I’ve been accused of being a very deep and introspective person. Well, I guess that’s just not what my blog is about though. My blog is about my writing.

So, why, you may ask, am I writing about getting all personal and deep?  Well, the thing that moved me with the other writer’s blog was that what she wrote about was personal, relative to others, and yanked my emotion chords. In other words, it was darn good writing.

It wasn’t a story; it was just a narrative about that person and how she related to the world and how she had changes in her life and how growing up changed her. But it was essentially the elements of life that any good writer (or wanna be writer like me) wants to put into their stories.

So, how do I grasp these emotions and cram them into my tales? Easier said than done, but I think the key is in keeping it real.  Even though my fiction is fantastical, it needs the human element. Can we relate to this thing that is going on? Can anyone stop and think… I felt that way once?  If the answer is “yeah, man,” then maybe my story will be good. Maybe it will make the reader laugh or cry… and in that instant I my job will done!

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Wine and moan… no crackers with that please

I do NOT have writer’s block.

Really, I don’t. I have tons of things to write, maybe too much to write. That’s the problem! I have writer’s ADHD.  I’m all over the place and I cannot focus… so I’m not getting anything done.

I have no problem with getting motivation for story ideas… my problem is how do I stop thinking about the stories, and start actually writing them?!

When I was in Kindergarten (until sixth grade actually) I got low marks for “uses time wisely.”  Well guess what mom, it was because I was making up stories and not writing them down!  I feel like nothing has changed… (I laugh, but it is true.)

So, maybe if I can get something written this week, it will start motivating me. I should focus on one thing… just write one thing… Oh yea…. I did. I wrote this blog. Hm… maybe there’s hope for me yet!




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Look What’s New

Hi all… I posted the prologue for my new novel, Desolute Incubus, on my website…

Please check it out and comment… is this something you want to keep reading? Want to know what happens to Matthew?

The novel is about Vampires. The prologue is probably the only PG rated portion of the book, but the intent is to introduce the hero.

If you purchased my ebook of short stories, you may have seen an introduction to this novel.

It is coming along… hope you will like the prologue. Please let me know what you think…

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Look what’s coming

How does one idea go from short story to novel overnight? I had one little idea of inspiration and now I have a novel outlined. Actually, I have 2 novels outlined, and a third and fourth book in this series in the idea stage. So, my one little idea I had yesterday is now a four book series.

Here is the first quarter of the first book’s outline:

Four Worlds: Ellevern Heir

Falk meets Tag in bar
Falk’s dad, Cristoval, comes home
Falk stow-a-ways in Tag’s ship
Tag sells Falk to Mr. Darby (complete with magic-stopping bracelet)
Tag meets Harris in the slave camp
Harris takes off the bracelet and they try to escape
Falk and Harris roam Earth
Falk and Harris are busted by Mr. Darby
Falk is taken aboard a ship to be sold to the Carthides  – bracelet is back on and activated
Falk meets Chester (Chester is a girl)
Chester short circuits bracelet
Falk and Chester work together to disable the ship and send an SOS
Another ship intercepts Mr. Darby’s ship
Falk and Chestertry to communicate with the intercepting ship & get busted by Mr. Darby
The ships part and Mr. Darby’s ship is repaired
They set out again for the Carthides
Falk  and Chester again to disable ship and are chased
Falk and Chester run into Harris who hid in the cargo hold
The three work together to get away in an escape pod
Falk tries to put out another SOS

I don’t normally share an idea when it is just in an outline stage, but I thought it might be a fun and interesting way to get the blog moving again. It also gives readers a peek inside my head and a peek into my process of writing.

I have a lot of notes written out in a notebook that constitutes the back story. I’ll probably make a few more notes, and then using the outline and notes, I’ll start fleshing out the first draft.

So, let me know if you thought this was interesting, neat, or boring.

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