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Decisions – Decisions….

So much going on right now! It is exciting and frustrating at the same time. My writing project has come a long way and I really want to get it pushed out by the end of the year… I’m sure you all want to see that too?!! *hope* However, that pesky school thing has started up again. So, my challenge is balancing everything.

So, I’m editing my novel and having trouble with the opening. We all know that the first few lines can make or break a book – the first chapter has to be exciting, gripping, and able to drag the reader into the story.  What I originally had is good, but not good enough. So, I’ve been playing with a few ideas for a new opening. I made my original prologue the first chapter, which then gave me a huge gap that needed to be filled. What I filled it with is awesome!  Then, I put in a new prologue – but…. I wasn’t happy with that either. It was good and had the elements I wanted to introduce, but it didn’t have enough punch. So, after much deliberation with myself and my characters. They (my characters) decided that I just wasn’t telling the story from the BEST point of view. Not to mention that he (my villan) is an ego-maniac and has been incessantly demanding more “face” time in the book… Afterall, my villan had a much better prospective, and much more FUN here. I listened. I decided to re-write the scene from the other perspective. I’m really hoping the readers will be happy I did! My characters are!

How ’bout that school thing?  This term there is a lot of reading – no less than 7 novels…  We are just starting week 2 of classes and I have read 4 of the 7 novels – so, I think I’m doing ok there.  We also have 5 short papers and 1 big paper (>20 pages).  I have the first short down!~  The biggest challenge is keeping up with all the work and still doing all the other things I want. It is about balance.

I’ve also found a need to do some “fun” reading. I have not been reading for fun since I started school. So, now I’ve read a few things – see my last post for the book I read during school break – and I read a new fun YA Paranormal Romance this week.  Here’s my review of Fallen by Lauren Kate on Amazon:

So, I’ve had lots of decisions on how to spend my time to make. I have to say I’m pretty proud about the way I’m balancing everything ~ for now.

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REVIEW: Save My Soul

I just finished reading Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood.  WARNING… there may be spoilers ahead…

This is a story of one woman’s struggle to save her own soul by saving someone else’s soul. That someone happens to be her soulmate, but she doesn’t know that yet.  The action starts right away when Kendra makes a deal to save Adam’s soul, but she was tricked. If she doesn’t succeed, she loses her own soul.  Wow… throw in a guardian angel to help and a guardian demon to mess it all up and you have a thrilling, hot roller coaster romance.   The only thing that was difficult at all was that this Kendra seemed to have multiple men falling at her feet. While that seemed a bit far-fetched, it wasn’t impossible and also the rest of the plot wouldn’t have worked without it.  It wasn’t too hard to swallow, and not everyone in the story was on her side, so it was good.  The characters were interesting and each one’s personality came through. It was well written and once I got into the zone, I didn’t stop reading until my kindle died!

It was worth the read.

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