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Writing Update!


Now That I Have Your Attention!

LOL! That picture always reminds me of Matthew from my books – right?!?

Yes, my journey continues! I went back to work full time this past August. I had to do it for financial reasons and it really made me sad. I do like my job, but it isn’t writing – right!? My writing has certainly suffered since then. It is very hard for me to write every day when I have 8 hours of thinking about other things. I have to really make a serious commitment to write or edit every single day – even if it is just for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I’d prefer longer though.

It would be really nice to go on a writing retreat and just sequester myself away for two days and do nothing but write! No interruptions, no social media distractions – just me and the keyboard dancing through the hours making beautiful stories together!

Production has slowed that’s for sure. When I was writing full time, I was knocking out a lot of words! Over my real-work hiatus, I wrote four first drafts plus finished Blood Pact draft and it is almost ready to go. I also put a book of short stories together called Brink and it is on the final edit right now. I’m going to try and get it out within the next week so people can maybe use it for Christmas gifts! Fun!

That was a very productive 8 months. In the four months since I went back, I’ve chipped away at Molten Blood and some other minor editing. It’s about a quarter of what I was putting out before. I feel like I’m chipping away at an iceberg with a toothpick.

The one thing that I’ve done that has been a Godsend is to start using OneNote to track and save my other ideas that distract me from the current projects. So, when these crazy characters start talking to me, I just type them up in OneNote and store them for later. It works so much better than my handwritten notebooks – more organized. I can find things quicker and I type faster than I handwrite also.

So, that’s where I am, folks. Still here – still working on it. Great stories are coming, just slower… for now!

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