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Cover Reveal for Bets With Benefits…

Be careful what you bet on…

Betting is all fun and games until you have to pay up when you lose. Within these three short stories we follow the ones who were on the losing end of a bet. The price they paid? They have to wear a pink Lolita dress.

Luckily for them, sometimes paying up comes with the best benefits.

  • After receiving a shock from his late aunt’s past, Jake makes a bet with his devious lover and the loser pays penance.
  • Michael Gentry lost a bet and decides to make the best of the situation with a little bit of seduction.
  •  Travis has a problem. But will his gambling win him a chance at finding true love or cost him everything?

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Being Me Anthology Release

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16 stories by 15 talented writers to wet your reading appetite this Christmas.  Stories  about people who feel they are different for any reason. They are bullied, gay, transgender, straight, have weight issues, handicapped, rejected. In all these stories something sets them apart from the usual ‘societal norms’ of acceptance which leads to conflict and angst.

These stories are about people who’ve embraced their differences and own it. ALL story content is suitable for a YA audience. Stories by Louisa Mae, Maggie Chatterton, Melissa Costa, Jack L. Pyke, Jo Tannah, Lynn Michaels, Susan Mac Nicol, Lane Swift, Louis J Harris, Alex Jane, Dilo Keith, Duncan Swallow, Jane Stemp, Viva Gold and Fiona Glass.

Being Me Amazon Pre-order

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Coming Soon… introduction and cover reveal for Short Story anthology…

Bets With Benefits

Three sexy short stories from MM Romance authors Lynn Michaels, Melissa E Costa, and Ryo Salinas.

This even will be held October 26 at 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. EST US. on the Facebook Group page for Like M/M Books. Mark you calendars for fun… Cover Reveal event includes introductions, games and giveaways…

Event Link


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