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Tricky Tracks

Almost here…

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Recovery has never been so complicated.

It’s difficult enough to recover from a potentially career ending wreck, but Cole has to do it in front of a camera. Add in that the sexy videographer, Nix, has more than Cole’s tires spinning and it’s more than problematic. Facing the truth and redeeming himself for his past actions is trickier than making a good comeback for a team that doesn’t want him.

Nix Braumere is making a great career out of filming sports stars, and his friend, Jason, has him working on a Supercross documentary focusing on injuries, particularly, Cole Lindt’s. Making the hot racer the star of his show wasn’t supposed to wreck his heart. But Cole’s grouchy front obviously hides a world of pain that Nix wants to ease.




Deadly Engagement — Lucinda Brant

Want an excerpt?

Meet Cute or not so cute…

“Excuse me.” A young man pushed passed us. “I need to check on Mr. Lindt. I’ll be with you after that.” He walked over and examined the machinery. “Okay, Cole. Let’s walk it off.” He pushed buttons on the treadmill and slowed Cole to an easier pace.

“Hi, I’m Jason Gibbons. We’ll shake later. This is my partner and videographer, Nikolai Braumere.”

“Call me Nix.” I never used my full name and had no idea why Jason would throw it out there now. He was one of only a few people who even knew it.

Cole turned his head to look at us. He rolled his eyes. His spectacular eyes. They were precious gems to Jason’s worthless rocks, blue and green with flecks of gold making them seem exotic. When he turned away without a word, I only wanted him to look back. Hell, I couldn’t even really see the rest of his face with the mask on, and I wanted more.

The trainer turned to us, though, and he didn’t look happy. “You’ll have to wait until he’s finished.”

“No worries.” Jason held his hands up in front of him to placate the guy, but he looked at Cole. “Just wanted to drop in and let you know we were here. Vick is meeting with us in a few to go over everything regarding you and this project, then we’ll be your shadows.” He faced the trainer and held up his hands as if protesting. “Not interfering or getting in the way.”

Cole glanced back, taking us in, then graced us with another eye roll. Then he pushed some buttons on the treadmill, jumped on the side boards and pulled the mask off. “I’m done.” He started handing the equipment to the trainer and faced us while he pulled the electrodes off his chest. The trainer set the mask down and started popping off the ones on his back. “I’m not thrilled about this, just so y’all know. I don’t particularly want everyone seeing my training and progress. I’m going along with it because Vick says I have to. So don’t get in my face with your cameras.”

His attitude was something else I hadn’t been expecting. “What about questions?”

“What do you mean?” He turned those amazing eyes on me again. They gleamed against the sheen of sweat covering his face. His hair was a blondish-brown, darker where it was wet. I liked a sweaty Cole, and I felt my energy spike.

“Questions? Will you be willing to answer questions?”

“Like an interview?”

Jason scoffed. “More like questions as we go. If we see or hear something we don’t understand, or want more information about, we’ll ask.”

Those eyes rolled again. “I guess it depends on what you’re asking.”

“We’re not digging for trade secrets, Cole. Can I call you Cole?” Jason asked.

“We’re going to be stuck together for a while, so I guess you better. Now, I have work to do.” He pointed to the trainer who was now openly scowling at us.

“Right. We have stuff to do, too. We’ll see you at the meeting.” I needed to be either out of his cosmic glare or stripping those workout shorts off him. I turned Jason back toward the door.

“Well, he’s a regular bowl of sunshine.”

I snorted at that. “I thought he agreed to this. That sounded like he was coerced.”

Jason shrugged. “There’s obviously something else going on. I knew he was a cold dude, but I didn’t expect that.”

“That? What? You mean his open hostility?”

“Are you talking about Cole or his trainer?” Jason laughed. He wasn’t wrong. They were made for each other, it seemed.

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