Want You Bad

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His name was Devon, and I was set on proving my myself to him. He captivated me and I just wanted him to see me. But when I finally realized that I was the center of his world, it was almost too late…Would I be able to take a chance on him after discovering his secret? I’m Jason Prescott, but Devon called me J.P., and this is our story. 

Previously published in Take A Chance Anthology from Beaten Track Publishing

Chester Was A Boy

On Prolific Works:   CHESTER WAS A BOY – Prolific Works LINK

A spin off short story from Holeshot 2. Ever wonder about Tate’s first love? Here’s his side of the story. A sweet, young adult/new adult romance.

chester cover

Overnight Stay…

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Overnight Stay

MOTOMAGS: Interview with Bryce Nickel…

    A Holeshot Extra… On Prolific Works

Out of the Ocean Bonus Material

Bonus scene… A Day in the Life and a deleted scene.

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