I’m working on a story about a girl that races hovercrafts. It was inspired by driving on the expressway. I commute everyday on the Cross-town Expressway from Brandon to St. Petersburg, and there is a new section now that has a lot of sharp turns. I was driving home one day and the traffic was light, so I went a little faster than I probably should have, but it was fun. Taking sharp curves a bit too fast is just fun. I wanted to put that fun into a story. So, my story starts out with a hover-craft race. The girl, Geddy, is as fast and funky as her Blade model hover-craft. I’m getting her into some trouble and watching how she gets out of it.

The inspiration was more than just the story. It got me thinking about life. My life sometimes feels just like riding that road. One minute I’m just driving along, and the next, I’m swooping around the curve, heart pounding, wheels clinging to the black top. Then it is over, and just a straight line home. We enjoy the curves in the road some times, and some times we avoid them or they scare the crap out of us. Some times the straight line is boring and some times it is comforting. It is just life. It is all mixed up but that is how it goes.  We wouldn’t enjoy the curves so much without the straight aways, and vice versa.

Other things are inspiring to writing as well like music. I have one character in a story that likes country music. Not the old fashioned country, but the new country that has been more popular the last ten years or so, the stuff made popular by the Zack Brown Band and Tim McGraw and others. Now, when I hear anything that Sierra would like, I think about her and what she is going to be doing. I’ve also created characters that are pure rock n roll. I think it is fun to hear a sound track when I’m writing these guys. It is fun to see them develop on paper and not just in my head.

I’m thinking a lot lately about these inspirations and how they show in my writing. I hope my readers will enjoy how they show in my writing as well.


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2 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Sam

    cant wait for the story!!good luck

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