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So, I figured I should blog just a bit about my e-book, since that’s why I’m doing all of this… It is a book of 7 short stories called, “Stories to Fight Demons By.”  The current publication date is February 13, 2010. I’m working on getting a website up by that date as well. Then, anyone can log on to my website and find a bit about the book, a bit about me, a free short story or two, and the best part… a link to buy the e-book!

Five of the seven stories have actually been previously published in various online magazines. The other two are new, but just as good.  These stories are, as you can tell by the title, mostly catagorized in the fantasy genre, although it is hard to really put a finger on what they are. A little fantasy, meta physical, horror, and even sci-fi, all blended together in a fast read.  That’s the best way to describe my style.

A little about the stories themselves? Well, I think I’ll dish that out a little bit at a time. But, I can tell you that the first story I ever sold is in here. It is about fighting your own inner demon, and trying to make up for past mistakes.  It is called, “Rubicon” and is what I named my blog after!  The main character is a total bass ass and it is a bit on the Sci-fi side. I think you’ll love it!

So, if you like this kind of thing, share my blog with others and post on your FB site!   I need all the help and all the sharing I can get!!

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