Survey Day

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m working on a short story about a Hover-craft racer. I write mostly Sci-fi and fantasy, in case you are not aware. I also like to put unusal twists or strange things in my stories. In thinking about the Hover-Craft story, I was thinking that since I’m also blogging about my writing that I should do a survey and see if you all like a few of the situations I’m thinking about adding to the story.

So, as mentioned previously, the story starts out with a race. After that the main character, Geddy is transported against her will to another dimension.  (that’s ALL I’m giving away!) So, here are some things that might happen to her in this world:

She steals a hover craft and races away trying to escape the bad guys
She’s thrown in jail because she doesn’t have the right ID (and they think she might have killed someone)
She goes on a date with a rich guy
She breaks into a secret lab to steal the technology to send her home
She decides she likes this world better and heads for the beach

So, without giving away anything else, you all can comment your votes for which of the above scenarios sounds the best – or throw in your own idea. 

I’m going to put this story on my website when it is finished – so everyone will be able to see just how it turns out.

Thanks all!!


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4 responses to “Survey Day

  1. Sheila

    I can see how you could use more than one of those ideas in your story. I think I like her stealing a hover and breaking into the lab. You could have geddy working so hard to get home and as she travels in this new world meeting people and whatnot to get what see needs to get home, only to realize in the end that this new world is really a fab place to be.

  2. I agree that stealing a hover and breaking into a lab are great ideas! I also think getting thrown into jail could be fun – oh the characters she could meet!
    It might also be cool if there were strange creatures there and she could have one as a pet (says the chick with 1 billion cats! Haha!)

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