Another step in the journey

I started writing this blog to document my journey into professional writing. So, my first e-book has been published. Yeah! But, that is just the first step. Now, I have to promote the book.  (Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me on promoting!)  

One of the ways that I want to promote the book is to post a free short story on my website.  The story I’ve been blogging about, Second Place, is going to be that story.  Of course, I have to finish it first.  I’m having a little mental block with it though. I blogged about the big mess up I had with it earlier, and since then I’ve been having trouble going back to it. I know it will be a lot of hard editing.  I just need to suck it up, right!?

Once I’m finished with Second Place, I’m going to put it on the website so everyone can read it.

Then, hopefully, if they like it, they might want to buy the e-book.  So, it is a win-win.  I just hope it is interesting and entertaining.  Besides that, Geddy is a bit stuck in my head right now and she’s keeping me from writing other things, like my second e-book which is looking like will be a short vampire novel.  Vampires are in right now, and I’m hoping my spin will be well received. I have a plug for it already in the back of the e-book. Here’s the plug:

“Vampires are making a come back lately with the success of series like HBO’s True Blood, and SyFy’s Being Human, not to mention Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series. So, if you like Vampires, here are some real nasty ones for you. They try to be good… but…well… they’re vampires!  Get ready to check out what they are up to in my upcoming Desolute Incubus.”

This is a great novel, really shaping up, but I have a lot of work to do on it still and can’t get to it until Second Place is finished.

This is an aggrevating step along the journey, but one I have to face.

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