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Lately, I have been reading work from independent authors almost exclusively. For my non-industry readers, that means authors that publish their own books.

I know that at one time the world thought that self publishing was strictly for people without talent or skill that just wanted to publish their own work. I’m here to tell you that notion is dead and buried.

The authors I have been reading are publishing really fabulous novels.  You can check out some of them on my website:

(*you can also purchase my independently published book of short stories, Stories to Fight Demons By, at that site as well!)

These wonderful authors have done a great job in changing my mind about self publishing.  They write like pros, and their stories are gripping and entertaining. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to read their work and support their efforts, and I hope some of my other friends will also be inspired to do the same. 

You may also want to note that almost all of these novels are priced well below the market price that you would pay for any of the big name artists.  I’ve bought some for 99 cents, some for under $3 and some were even free… but don’t let the low price fool you… the quality has been worth the $8 or $9 (or more) you would pay for the big name authors. 

If you want to know more about Indie authors and why they are doing well right now, here’s a link I swiped from a Twitter-friend:

So, next time you are looking for a good read, check back to my website, because I’m going to keep adding to the list as I read.  Then you too can support an Indie author!

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