Why did I stop?

Somewhere along the road of time, I stopped writing poetry. Lately, I’ve started thinking about that. I haven’t started writing any poetry. I’ve just started wondering why I ever stopped. This lead to me peeking at some of the poetry I’ve written over the years (nothing lately)… it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Writing poetry did a lot for me. It helped me express myself and find my internal writer again. It helped me deal with emotions I was going through. It made me feel good. So, why did I stop?  I told myself that I stopped because I was happy.  I only seemed to write when I was miserable. But, looking back, I see that was not really true. I wrote all kinds of things all the time. So, why did I stop? Life must have just got in the way… I traded it for narative. I went through a period where I wrote a bunch of short stories, and I traded that in for longer work as well.  I think I have room for everything in my line up though.

Sooo… for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, here is a treat. One of my favorite poems:

The Curse of a Gypsy

Sherri Jordan-Asble

 “A curse, a curse,”
The old lady wailed
Cramped fingers in a miserable point
At the young hood bent on mischief
Old woman, dressed in rags of despair
Streams of color banded through her gray hair
And she curses the hood
Black eyes, he has
She curses him and his mischief
She curses him and his murders

“Death will follow you,”
The old lady wailed
Broken body dying in the street
Silver knife covered with blood in his hand
Shinning in the light of the street lamp
Blood on his jacket making it damp
The hood turns to go
In her final breath
She curses him and his mischief
She curses him and his murders

“Happiness, you’ll never know,”
The old lady wailed
Wrinkled face pressed against pavement
The hood walked away with his cynicism
Empty words without meaning, he turned and ran
His life was doomed before it ever began
An extra buck in his pocket
And old gypsy dies
She curses him and his mischief
She curses him and his murders

The initial idea behind this was if you curse someone with a curse they already have, did you really curse them?

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