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So, I’ve been working from home for the past two weeks, and I really like it! I’ve discovered a few things about myself and my habits that are developing, some good and some bad. Of course I wish it paid more – LOL! However, I like being able to do my own thing, and in that light…. I created my own Top 10 List – of…

Why I like working from home:

#10. No traffic jams on the commute.

#9. Totally avoided the Polar Vortex

#8. I can crank my music as loud as I want

#7. I can check and post on FaceBook and Twitter any time I want

#6. THE coolest boss in the world!

#5. There’s plenty of coffee!

#4. Obviously…. I get to set my own schedule, which means staying up late and sleeping until 10 am

#3. Longest lunches in the world!

#2. Sex breaks

And finally, the number 1 thing I like about working from home… One word:



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5 responses to “Top 10 List

  1. nicolegrabner

    You work from home? How did you find a job like that? I’m looking myself. Love your list of paranormal books – gave me some ideas where to look for new authors. 🙂

    • I’m mostly writing and doing freelance work with writing and my HR & business background. Having a hard time wanting to work for someone write now, but you really have to have a lot of support to do this.

      • nicolegrabner

        That’s good to know. It’s hard to find positions that are not scams, you know?

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