Tattoo that line?!


I was just thinking today that I would get the first line of the first book I write that makes the best sellers list tattooed on my arm. How cool would that be? Something epic and poignant written out in an elegant script… it could be great! What would it be? What if it was the book I’m working on now? The first line is… wait for it…

**  “Holy fuck!” Kelly screamed, as his arm was grabbed and his body jerked forward, spilling his drink all over himself and the dance floor.  **

Uh… no.  As great a first line as it is… there is no way I’m getting that tattooed on my arm! It is a great line though… great attention getter. So, maybe I’ll just pick A LINE and not necessarily the First line?!

I have time to think about it, but… I guess I’ll keep this in mind as I come up with great first lines!


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