The Holeshot – hot excerpt

WARNING:  Tons of hot mm sex & romance, hot mechanics, and sexy dirt bike racers on Amazon now!

The Holeshot by Lynn Michaels


If you haven’t got it yet…. take a sneak peek (18+ only please):


Tyler curled up against Davey’s side feeling Davey’s hot skin pressed against his chest and thighs. They both wore boxer shorts and Davey had taken some pain meds, so Tyler was determined that nothing would happen. He didn’t want Tony overhearing them having sex. He nuzzled against Davey’s neck. “You need anything baby?” he whispered.
“Just you,” Davey answered, his words slurring just a tiny bit.
Tyler thought Davey sounded precious like that, a little tired and a little drugged. He chuckled softly. “Okay, baby.”
Tyler’s hand slid across Davey’s chest. He couldn’t help flicking one of Davey’s nipples. It caused a soft moan deep in Davey’s throat, so he did it again. Davey’s reaction made Tyler’s dick hard. His hand slid further down across the ridges of Davey’s well defined abs and he fingered through the soft hair that trailed from his belly button down into his boxers. His fingers followed, lingering around Davey’s waistband, tickling against his hip bone.
“Mmm. More, baby,” Davey quietly demanded, and Tyler couldn’t resist him.
Tyler leaned over and pulled Davey’s boxers down to the top of his thighs, exposing his dick. Davey’s hard length stretched up, demanding Tyler’s attention. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue across the purple helmet capping his lover’s cock. Davey pumped his hips up, silently begging for more.
“You have to be quiet, okay?” Tyler prompted.
Davey’s response was another hip pump and sexy moan.
Tyler took that as a sign that Davey wanted more. He pressed his tongue flat against Davey’s cock and rubbed it up and down along the length without sucking as it slid into his mouth. He loved the feel of Davey’s silky skin around his cock sliding across his tongue. He pulled off and put his tongue to work on Davey’s balls, lapping at them like a dog and poking them with the tip of his tongue. Davey squirmed above him. “Be still, Davey.”
“More, stop teasing,” Davey groaned.
Tyler laughed a little and then darted his tongue across his balls one last time before sucking Davey’s cock into his mouth. He pulled it in all the way until Davey’s head hit the back of his throat. Tyler squeezed Davey’s thigh with one hand and grabbed his balls with the other. He rolled them in his fingers as he bobbed his head up and down, sucking Davey’s cock, listening to the little sounds Davey made as he writhed beneath Tyler’s ministrations.
“I like it when you play nurse, Ty. Gonna get hurt more often.”
Tyler stopped sucking and pulled off looking up Davey’s chest. “You better not.”
“Okay. Do this more and I won’t,” he said, gently pushing Tyler’s head back down. He closed his eyes and pumped his hips. “Come on, baby.”
Tyler couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “Fine,” he huffed as if he were put out by having to do it, but he certainly wasn’t. He loved having Davey’s cock inside him whether it was in his mouth or his ass. Tyler went back to work, sucking up and down. It didn’t take long before Davey’s balls were pulling up tight and his cock swelled just a bit harder. Davey made a low growling noise and Tyler knew he was about to explode. He rolled Davey’s balls through his fingers and twirled his tongue around his head before sucking in one more time.
“Ahh,” Davey groaned as he shot his cum into Tyler’s mouth, his ass coming off the bed and pumping into Tyler’s mouth. His hands wound through Tyler’s hair, pulling a little, but not painfully.
Tyler sucked Davey as he swallowed everything Davey offered. When Davey fell back and let Tyler’s head go, he had a satisfied smirk on his face and gently closed eyes. He looked peaceful and sated. “Better?” Tyler asked.
“Come here.”
Tyler crawled back up Davey’s body, settling in beside him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t get off. Davey breathed steady and deep. He would be asleep quickly and that was enough for Tyler. He closed his eyes, cuddling against his man, his fiancé.

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