Dirty Dozen Blog Hop: Alexa Land

Join me in welcoming ALEXA LAND to the blog as part of the GRL Dirty Dozen blog hop! 

12 Days | 12 Authors | 12 eBook giveaway

Let’s start with the Author Q&A then I’ll tell you where you can stalk Alexa and share her latest release. 

Plus… there’s a fabulous Rafflecopter Giveaway at the end….

 Alexa Land’s Dirty Dozen Interview

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by on my day of the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop, and thank you Lynn Michaels for hosting me. I’m looking forward to seeing you at GRL!

Amy Wasp: What is your favorite trope to write and why? Friends to lovers is a lot of fun to write. I got to explore that in The Rest of Forever, the latest book in my Firsts and Forever Series. In that story, Mike and Yoshi had known each other for more than ten years, and I just loved that ah-ha moment when the characters realized what they’d been looking for had been right in front of them all along.

Jeff Adams: What’s your favorite part of the writing process and why? For me, beginning a new novel is always slow going. So, my favorite part of the process is when I finally hit my stride, usually three or four weeks into a new book (it’s generally a four month process, beginning to end). It’s exhilarating when the characters start talking and the words begin to flow.

TM Smith: What inspires you to write? I’m inspired by the places I’ve lived and visited, and the people I’ve met along the way. My Firsts and Forever Series is set in San Francisco because I lived there for several years. The setting for my brand new Castaways Series is Catalina Island, which is a place I visited often when I grew up in Southern California. I’d always wondered what it would be like to live on an island with a tiny population (just over 4,000 people). Now I’m finally getting to explore that in the new series.

AE Via: What career would you have if you never would’ve published your first book? I’d probably be a graphic designer. I was working in that field before I became a mom. Then I took a few years off to raise my son, and during that time I started writing. Now there’s nothing I’d rather do! But I still get to use those graphic design skills to design my covers, so really it’s the best of both worlds.

Lynn Michaels: How do you balance being original and giving the readers what they expect/want? You know, that’s a tricky one. On a few occasions, I’ve been tempted to do something controversial, such as killing a character. Since that would have been upsetting to my readers, I decided not to do it. I guess that means I bent to expectations. But here’s the thing: I’ve chosen to write romance, and I’ve accepted the fact that certain expectations come with that genre, such as a happy ending. Given that, I’d say my expectations and those of my readers are pretty closely aligned.

JR Barten: What have you done as a writer that you are most proud of? I found the courage to hit publish on that very first book! I’m not the most confident person in the world, and it wasn’t easy to take that leap of faith. That was back in 2012, and the book was Way Off Plan. It began the successful Firsts and Forever Series, which spanned the next six years and brought a lot of wonderful readers and fellow authors into my life. I’m so glad I faced my fears and sent that book out into the world!

Morningstar Ashley: What genre and trope would you like to write that you haven’t yet? I actually have written a little paranormal, but I’d like to write more at some point. It’s so much fun to turn your imagination loose in that genre and see what happens!

Alexa Land: What are you working on now, and when can your readers expect it? I’ve just completed Kindred Spirits, the first book in my brand new Castaways Series, and it’s now up for pre-order on Amazon. It’s a spin-off from my Firsts and Forever Series, and it features a few familiar characters along with several you’ll be meeting for the first time, in a new setting. The book will go live on October 12th!

Deanna Wadsworth: How do you come up with your characters’ names? Sometimes they just come to me. With my character Dante Dombruso for example, I just knew for a fact that was his name. When that doesn’t happen, I turn to online databases of baby names. I also research common last names based on my character’s nationality, to make sure they’re true to the family’s place of origin.

K-Lee Klein: Do you usually have only one project on the go or do you multitask between stories? I work on one project at a time. I get tunnel vision on each book and totally immerse myself in the main character and his world. But last month, I got a taste of multitasking when I agreed to write a short story for the upcoming Heart2Heart charity anthology. It was challenging to switch back and forth between that and my WIP, but it was totally worth it because it’s for a great cause.

Jessie Gin: What do you think makes a good story? Great characters that feel like real people and make you care deeply about them. A book can have a fascinating plot and a million other good things going for it, but without wonderful characters, it won’t hold my interest.

Wade Kelly: What is your suggestion or piece of advice to new and upcoming authors? I think the best advice I can give is to keep your expectations realistic. Not every first novel strikes gold. In fact, the majority don’t. It may take years to build your reader base, and that’s fine! Just enjoy the process and keep moving forward.



Alexa Land’s Bio and Links

I’m a true believer in happily ever after, and writing is my passion. My character-driven books include the best-selling Firsts and Forever Series and its all-new spinoff, The Castaways Series. I grew up in Southern California, spent over a decade in the Bay Area, and now call a small town in Oregon home. My son and I share a vintage cottage with an indifferent cat and an overly enthusiastic dog, and I spend my days writing about men falling in love. My books will make you laugh and shed an occasional tear, and they always deliver a satisfying HEA.

You can find Alexa Land on:

AMAZON | Facebook | Twitter |  Alexa’s Blog


Alexa’s latest book, Kindred Spirits, begins the Castaways Series.

It’s going live October 12th on Amazon, and it’s now available for pre-order:

Pre-Order Kindred Spirits on Amazon

AlexaLandCover Dirty Dozen.jpg

Here’s the blurb:

Elijah Everett knows he should feel good about the progress he’s made over the last four years, ever since he ran away from a terrible situation at age sixteen. With the support of his loving, adopted family, he recently graduated from college and has a good job and an exciting new life waiting for him on Catalina Island. But his past has left him with little confidence and a list of fears a mile long, and Elijah wonders if he’ll ever fully heal.

Cassidy Juric doesn’t talk about his past. He doesn’t talk about much at all, actually. And yet, Elijah thinks he recognizes a kindred spirit in the gorgeous young ranch hand. The two are undeniably drawn to each other, and a tentative relationship starts to develop. But when the devastating truth about Cassidy’s past is revealed, Elijah wonders if asking Cassidy to trust him might be asking the impossible.

Can two broken men learn to open their hearts and take a chance on love? Or will the ghosts of their past prevent them from building a future together?

Kindred Spirits bridges Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever Series and its all-new spinoff, The Castaways Series. Long-time readers will recognize some familiar faces, along with a new setting and several new characters. This book can be read as a stand-alone.


Thanks for stopping by, Alexa!

Dirty Dozen Author Schedule

October 1: Amy Wasp will host Wade Kelly
October 2: Jeff Adams will host Jessie Gin
October 3: TM Smith will host K-Lee Klein
October 4: AE Via will host Deanna Wadsworth
October 5: Lynn Michaels will host Alexa Land
October 6: JR Barten will host Morningstar Ashley
October 7: Morningstar Ashley will host Jen JR Barton
October 8: Alexa Land will host Lynn Michaels
October 9: Deanna Wadsworth will host AE Via
October 10: K-Lee Klein will host TM Smith
October 11: Jessie Gin will host Jeff Adams
October 12: Wade Kelly will host Amy Wasp

12 eBook Giveaway

One lucky winner will get an ebook from each of the participating authors. The prizes include:

Amy Wasp – City Boy
Jeff Adams – The Hockey Player’s Heart
TM Smith – Survivor or Lover
AE Via – Winner’s Choice
Lynn Michaels – The Holeshot
JR Barten – Unf;nished
Morningstar Ashley – A Different Light
Alexa Land – The Rest of Forever
Deanna Wadsworth – Easy Rider
K-Lee Klein – Lazy Sundays
Jessie Gin – Rebuilding Hope
Wade Kelly – Winner’s Choice

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