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33145324Ex-cop Landon Kyle came to Boston to help a friend in need and eventually head up security at Pulse nightclub. Ready and willing to escape his nightmares once and for all, he packed his entire life into a single duffle bag and headed east. What he discovered when he arrived at Pulse was an equally appealing prospect, by the name of Carl Ward.

Landon had his sights set on the lead bartender, who happened to be in complete denial of his sexuality, but Landon would not be dissuaded in his pursuit. He vowed he would convince Carl to take a chance on him and ultimately win his heart. Could Carl be persuaded to follow his heart and realize the truth?

Carl Ward liked his cozy little life the way it was, his past and demons safely hidden behind the gruff exterior he had managed so well, then came Landon, big, burly and annoyingly sexy as hell to shake up his world.

What Carl believed to be all he needed, was about to be challenged by Landon’s Desire. 

LD Teaser1


With his one elbow resting across the bar, Landon bit into an apple suggestively, allowing the juices to trickle down his chin and licking across his lips. He smiled brightly.

“Let me guess, you couldn’t sleep?” Landon asked.

“Restless,” Carl answered, with a scowl.

“I was having trouble sleeping too,” Landon said, his eyes moving to Carl’s bare chest. “You always clean half naked?”

“I wasn’t expecting an audience.”59214486

“I used to do the housework stark naked,” Landon laughed. 

“And the reason I need to know this?” Carl asked.

Landon shrugged, “Visual effect.”

Carl narrowed his eyes as he walked past, he could feel Landon’s eyes on him as he walked into the kitchen and pulled a deep breath into his lungs to stop from heating any further.

“Carl, when are you going to admit you like me?” Landon whispered behind Carl’s back.

“I like you well enough,” Carl said, turning to face Landon, smelling the sweet scent of apple on his breath. “I just don’t like you that way.”

Landon tossed the partially eaten apple into the trash can and stepped into Carl’s space. “What way is that, Carl?”

Carl placed his hand on Landon’s chest, slightly fisting his t-shirt, holding him back. “I can’t say it enough, Landon…I’m not interested in you in that way.”

Landon grinned, pretending to wipe sweat from his brow. “Progress at last.”

“What the fuck are you saying?”

“I’m saying it’s nice to hear you say something other than those worn out words I’m not gay, which were getting fucking old.”

“But I’m not.”

Landon’s brows rose as he dropped his chin to his chest. “How can you be so sure?”

“This conversation is over. I’m not wasting my time trying to convince you that we aren’t going to be anything more than friends.” Carl snapped, shoving Landon back.

Landon’s large hand wrapped around the nape of Carl’s neck, yanking him forward and forcing their chests to collide. Carl looked into Landon’s eyes and saw the unmistakable glare of lust, his stomach tightened. Landon’s lips gently touched his with a cautious delay. When he was happy Carl wasn’t going to deck him, he pressed his lips tighter to Carl’s and closed his eyes, making it linger for several long seconds.  It was nothing too passionate or demanding, a smooth lingering kiss, enough to get a proper taste of what he was missing.

Carl grasped Landon’s hair at the back of his head and tugged, pulling them apart and staring for a few moments before shoving Landon to the side and storming from the kitchen.

“You liked it Carl, don’t fucking tell me you didn’t,” Landon yelled. “I could tell!”



Author Bio:14123179b

Jennifer Rose lives the glamorous life of a writer in Ontario, Canada. A mother of three grown boys and Nana to a beautiful new granddaughter, she’s not trading in her laptop for a rocking chair anytime soon. Besides her obsession with writing, she also takes a creative interest in knitting, crocheting, beading, all things miniature, as well as painting, jewelry design and anything else that keeps her too busy for housework. She’s the true diva you all strive to be 😉.

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