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Andi James and Lila Wilde

Here to share their new release Teddy & His Bear

Teddy and his Bear Teaser 2 300 dpiOn July 24, 2018, Andi and Lila decided to start an endeavor to follow their hearts and write a book in the genre they loved to read. Almost three months to the day later, Teddy & His Bear was published.

They decided to work together, instead of as solo writers for their first book, as a way of having a constant partner to lean on as they learned the ins and outs of writing, marketing, and self-publishing.

“There is no way I’d have ever done this without Lila, and I’ll be thanking her forever for it. She’s a fantastic writing partner and a great support system. I love that she loves our characters just as much as I do. Having her to bounce ideas around with and look over my writing and so many other things has been invaluable.”  ~Andi James

“I cannot imagine doing any of this without Andi. We talk almost all day every day about our characters and new book ideas. We are learning the ropes together – I have someone to groan with me about deadlines, cheer me on when I write something great, and celebrate with me when we accomplish milestones. Our collaboration gave Teddy to the world, but gave an amazing friendship to me.” ~Lila Wilde

Teddy & His Bear is a 90K word slow-burn, May/December, Daddy kink MM romance featuring one hot Daddy, his sweet new boy, coffee, and unicorns.



At twenty-four, Teddy should be used to feeling abandoned and unwanted. After all, he’s been dealing with it most of his life. But a recent breakup takes him completely by surprise and now he’s on his own again. Nursing new and old hurts, he leans on his makeshift family and finds solace in a growing and unexpected friendship with an older man.

Forty-two-year-old Barrett has successfully ignored his biggest need for years. His last boy left him questioning everything he knew, and he is determined to lead a vanilla life, no matter how much his friends try to convince him to be true to himself. When he learns his favorite barista needs a new place to stay, he offers a solution that leads to spending more time with the younger man.

A change in circumstances brings both men together and their buried feelings to light. Teddy knows he’s attracted to Barrett but isn’t sure if he’s ready to risk his heart again, and Barrett is losing the struggle against his dominant nature. Will learning Barrett’s sexy secret be too much for Teddy, or is it just the thing he never knew he needed?

Excerpt:Teddy and his Bear Teaser 3 300 dpi

(Our second MC Barrett is talking to a friend who is trying to convince him he needs to get back into the kink scene after an absence.)


Jason rolled his eyes. “Barrett, all of this vanilla dating is winding you so tight. You need to find another boy. You need to—”

“This vanilla dating is fine,” he interrupted. “It’s fine.” Barrett wondered if he was trying to convince Jason or himself. He suspected neither of them were fooled.

“Oh really?” Jason raised an eyebrow. “So, meeting men on eHarmony or what-the-fuck-ever is really doing it for you?”

Barrett rolled his eyes. “It’s not eHarmony.” Jason took a step toward Barrett, a bit of challenge in his eyes. “So, the whole time you’re out with Mr. Vanilla Accountant or whoever, you’re not wishing it was a beautiful, obedient twink sitting across from you?”

Barrett shifted his weight but didn’t look away from Jason’s stare as he took another step closer.

“And when you’re listening to him drone on about pocket protectors or his trip to the Grand Canyon, you aren’t imaging that same gorgeous twink smiling and laughing, looking at you like you hung the moon?” Jason’s eyes blazed brighter. His next step brought him right up in Barrett’s face. “And when you’re in the back of his minivan while Mr. Vanilla fumbles around, giving you a sloppy blowjob, you don’t close your eyes and pretend it’s that amazing, sexy, funny, adorable baby boy at your feet with his hot mouth wrapped around your cock?” Jason licked his lips and lowered his voice even more. “On his knees for his Daddy?”

“No.” Barrett wasn’t sure he said the word out loud. He cleared his throat. “No, I don’t.” He shook his head. “That’s not what I want anymore.”

Jason lowered his gaze to Barrett’s obvious erection tenting the front of his trousers. Jason looked up at Barrett and grinned, showing off his brilliant and infuriating smile. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say.”

Barrett narrowed his eyes and Jason chuckled. “Come on, Daddy. Let’s go get some dinner.”

Teddy and His Bear on Amazon


Andi James

Andi James has been in love with books and words her entire life. She writes about people finding things — themselves, happiness, love — and edits all kinds of stories. Her two dogs and three cats are her favorite co-workers, and they share a house with her and her husband. She adores coffee, the night sky, and horror movies.




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Lila Wilde

Lila Wilde writes books about people who fall in love with other people. She has one dog, one cat, and one husband and she is obsessed with unicorns and glitter and cupcakes.





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Teddy and his Bear Teaser 1 300 dpi


Thanks for stopping by! It was a pleasure to have you here. Y’all check out Teddy and His Bear on Amazon:  Teddy and His Bear on Amazon


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  1. Congrats on your new release. Loved the mini-interview on why you chose to collaborate. Great excerpt

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