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Today D. S. Dehel brings us Saving the Prince

Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Or so it’s said.

For me, Christmas was and is The Nutcracker. You can keep your Rudolph

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and his shiny nose. So what if there is a year without a Santa Claus? Give me Clara and her Nutcracker, a battle with a giant mouse, a Land of Sweets, and snow—lots and lots of swirly snowflake ballerinas.

When Extasy put out the call for Christmas stories around the theme of rescue, my mind immediately went to one of my favorite ballets and the pivotal battle scene where Clara distracts the Mouse King, but with a strong female protagonist and a hot guy.

And there had to be ballet—the ballet—of course, and snow.

 In “Saving the Prince,” you’ll enter the backstage world of ballet, with its backstabbing and competition, constant fear of injury, and even more constant fear of not being good enough. But there’s magic there, too, as Clare discovers when she saves the Nutcracker Prince from being mugged and takes a chance on him as they share one joyous pas de deuxon stage…and another in private.

“Saving the Prince” is for every little girl who stood at the barre and envied the big girls on pointe, for those who stood in the wings and wished they could be the Sugar Plum Fairy, or even better, the Snow Queen.

Come dance with Clare and Ian.

Available from Extasy December 18 http://www.extasybooks.com/?route=product/search&search=dehel

You can find all the Extasybooks stocking stuffers here:  http://www.extasybooks.com/special-collections/2018-holiday-countdown/

You can find D.S. Dehel on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100024850654069

And blog at www.dsdehel.com

D.S. Dehel

D(awn) S(She’s not telling you) Dehel began writing in crayon in the front of books at the age of three, and kept on scribbling, even though her mom took away her favorite dessert. Mom can no longer take away her desserts, and now she makes her mother buy her books. Though her days in sweaty pointe shoes are far behind her, she once danced with the Wilmington Ballet Company and later became its Stage Manager, so she’s no stranger to the world she describes in “Saving the Prince.”  She’s also written two novels, a novella, and a summer short, “Real Magic.”  All are available from Extasy Books.

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