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Snowball’s Chance

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The holiday season is a magical time of year. Hopefully, during this time period, we laugh a little easier, forgive a little faster, and love a little harder.

I think that’s the reason that I started my Ice & Snow Christmas series. The novellas are quick snapshots of people meeting and falling in love during that most magical time of year. These stories also give me a chance to play with some of my favorite tropes. For the first novella, Walking on Thin Ice, I played with the fake boyfriend trope. For Ice, Snow, & Mistletoe, I got the chance to write a second chance romance.

And for Snowball’s Chance, it’s a little bit of an enemies to lovers and a little bit of a workplace romance.

Because I think we’re all had that one coworker who managed to get under our skin. It’s just in this instance, things get a little steamy when the two work out their differences.

If you’ve not checked it out yet, here’s a quick description of the book:

Christmas is a time of love, second chances…and getting stuck on a project with the one coworker who drives you insane.

Adam Reynolds loves working as a graphic designer for Roland-Wainwright, but he could do without being tied to so-called marketing genius Jason Edmond. The man might know his way around a campaign, but he’s boring and far too demanding. Though, Adam has to admit that the man is incredibly sexy and maybe there is a little mystery about what he does when he’s not wrapped in his form-hugging suit all day.

Jason is ecstatic to be selected to work on this unique marketing campaign for Roland-Wainwright, but he’s not looking forward to dealing with Adam’s know-it-all attitude. Okay, so maybe the guy creates visually stunning graphics that are so far ahead of his peers…and maybe he is occasionally distracted by Adam’s sinful mouth.

Jason and Adam must find a way to work together to complete the campaign without killing each other. And if they succeed, the prize at the end stands to change both their lives in ways they never imagined.

The novella is currently available in ebook and print.

Jocelynn Drake

About Jocelynn Drake

By day, Jocelynn Drake is a clean-cut financial editor, picking apart stories about Wall Street and the global markets. But in her free time, she writes about explosions, car chases, men in search of love, and underworlds where vampires and warlocks rule. 

The author of Dark Days, Asylum Tales, and Unbreakable Bonds series, she lives in Florida with her husband, dog, and cat. When she’s not working on her next book, she’s usually hiding from the sun by playing video games.

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