New Release

Available now… Demon or Angel from Lynn Michaels

The start of an epic new series.

WAR IS COMING… the angels of Osestra and the demons of Exilum are preparing for the final battle to be played out in Manna, the human realm,

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and one young man is caught in the middle.

Vern Swain may be the key to everything.Vern is a country boy dreaming of seeing his name up in lights. He runs away to become a star. His journey is just beginning, but it takes him in unusual directions…right in the path of his guardian demon.

Teague, son of Xaphan is a demon of Exilum charged with ruining Vern’s

life, but he just can’t do it. He’s confronted by his family, and forced to choose sides.

War is coming, but who’s fighting for Manna?

Are you #TeamVern

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What would his father do to him? He’d had an easy life for a demon. Protected by the rank he’d been assigned at birth. But his life and prestige could all change in a minute if they thought he’d betrayed them. And the Seers would know, wouldn’t they? They would. Probably already did. Even if Teague wasn’t blindly loyal, knowing the Seers checked up on him should be enough to get him to act against Vern.

But it wasn’t.

Teague stopped walking and turned around. Vern seemed too close. Where was he?

Teague jerked back. Vern stood there, right in front of him, not even a foot away. He could have reached out and grabbed him.

“Oh-my-God. Oh, Lord. Oh!” Vern dropped to his knees. His bags fell to the ground beside him.

Without realizing it, Teague had let his Manna form slip, transforming closer to his true form that leaned toward invisible iridescence in this realm. He still held his human-like shape, and he was mostly solid, but his great feathered wings spread out behind him, and he glowed, his skin giving off a golden hue. He could imagine what Vern thought, seeing him caught in between. Teague was going to be in so much trouble. “Get up, Vern.”

“I’m yours.” He bowed forward, stretching his hands in front of him.

“I’m nothing to worship.”

“You’re an angel. I’m not worthy,” Vern said into the ground.

“I’m not. Come on. Get up. I’m not an angel.” He toned down the glow-show, so Vern could see him better.

Vern looked up at him. “You look like one.”

“How the hell would you know?”

Vern sat up, feet tucked under him. “You don’t sound like one.”

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Praise for Demon or Angel

What an Epic Read!
“Do you remember that first book that took you to another place? Remember that feeling when you finished? I do and with this one I got that experience again. It was so easy to get lost in the world…”
Denise GremoryKohta

Lynn Michaels Has Another Winner
“Talk about starting on a high note, this is a great series opener. Vern and Teague were such likable and engaging characters, the cherry on top is that they are surrounded by an amazing cast of secondary characters. As soon as I finished I was ready for the next book in the series, this is keeper-shelf material for sure.”
Joscelyn Smith

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