#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Love Potion No. 69

number 1

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who’s read/downloaded Love Potion No. 69 so much for making that orange tag happen.  It’s my first but hopefully not the last.

I also want to thank Kris Jacen for both designing the cover and editing.

This previously appeared in the Between the Covers Anthology (no longer available) with Ann Lister, Elle Keaton, Kris Jacen, Lynn Michaels, SJ York, & TL Travis. So, a huge thanks to y’all for allowing me to write with you.

And if you haven’t got yours yet, you can get it HERE!

Thanks again!




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3 responses to “#1 Best Seller on Amazon

  1. Dennis

    Hope you do not mind me asking I have started getting into audibles, but I could not find any of yours do you think in the future you may?


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