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Gotta get a job, man!

I know this is a writing blog, but I think today’s topic is somewhat relevant. I started this blog to track my progression as a writer, so this is basically a status update… and maybe a venting session all rolled into one.

I’m trying to get a RL job. Don’t want to, but being broke isn’t helping my writing. That’s what it’s boiling down to. As much as I love having full time hours devoted to writing, I can’t do enough of the other stuff to promote the writing because my income from writing is still next to nil. So, I’m job seeking and it’s a bitch.

The hoops that must be jumped through are crazy. I haven’t done a real job search since 2000. Yeah, 14 years later and everything is different. First, hunting for open positions is all online. I used to just pick up the Sunday paper. Forget going out to different companies… they’ll just shake their head and tell you to go online. So, then you go online, and you can’t just drop a resume/cover letter. Nope… you have to complete THEIR application as well. Then, HOPE you get a call or email. I feel more confident at the interview stage, but it is all so nerve racking.

Ultimately, this is a necessary evil, but today I’m just over it all. I’m going to get a coffee and write some more!

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