AAAHHH!! What have I done??

I have destroyed my story. Sometimes we try things that are different thinking, “Oh, that will be so cool.” Then, it turns out that it isn’t so cool.

I tried to write my story, Second Place, in first person and in present tense. It did not go so well. Maybe I just don’t have the discipline. I kept slipping back into normal third person, past tense. Now I have a story that is all over the place in perspective and tense. Maybe I should pick one thing to try at a time.  I think I over estimated and did too much.

This means edit, edit, edit, edit… OMG… but I really dig where the story is going. So, this means that I have to work on it a little more…

The trials and tribulations of the birth of a story…


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2 responses to “AAAHHH!! What have I done??

  1. Candace Davisson

    Nothing great happens overnight. Keep up the work! If you get down remember you have someone who believes in you, and can’t wait to see you make it big!!

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