Stories to Fight Demons by…

The e-book has been sent to the distributors.  It will be available later this week at and then a few days later from amazon, and others… 

Take a sneak peek into the first story, “Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew”

“Seth strolled past the entrance to the nightclub. He told himself that he did not feel like going in anyway. The place tended to overdo the lights and the crazy mood. It attracted a younger crowd than he didn’t care to be around. He stopped at the corner and leaned against the pink stucco wall that created a false tropical facade. Still feeling the music pumping, he inhaled deeply, enjoying the warm breeze of the summer night. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and looked down the street, trying to appear casual. Palm trees swayed as the soft wind continued down the alley. Seth watched the shimmer of heat coming up from the sidewalk. Out of the mist a beautiful girl in a tight red mini-skirt and three inch heels came striding toward him. Her lips were painted the same red as her skirt, and her hair hung thick and black over her shoulders accentuating the pristine, white lace of her ever-so-low cut blouse. As the woman walked closer, Seth could see blue eyes set in her pale, milky face. She mesmerized him with her strangeness. Seth watched as she passed, and she winked at him. She wore an odd fragrance that tickled his nose, and he could not quite place it, fruity and musky but still a clean scent. She continued on into the nightclub, never breaking her stride. Her perfume lingered too long after her, and Seth thought her lipstick was too red, making her look a little clownish against her pale skin and dark hair. He knew he could not have imagined the woman. He would have conjured up someone with a little more subtlety, though just as sexy. In the two seconds she had been in front of him, she managed to both interest and annoy him. He contemplated going after her, but there was no point. Women like that were not interested in men like Seth. Cold, hard fact. Maybe in a few years, after college, after his career got into full swing, and he had money in his pocket to spend freely, and a sports car to impress a lady, but not now. He did not think he had enough cash in his pocket to pay the cover, let alone buy a lady a drink. Cold, hard fact.”

Find out what happens to Seth and more…   coming later this week!

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