Wine and moan… no crackers with that please

I do NOT have writer’s block.

Really, I don’t. I have tons of things to write, maybe too much to write. That’s the problem! I have writer’s ADHD.  I’m all over the place and I cannot focus… so I’m not getting anything done.

I have no problem with getting motivation for story ideas… my problem is how do I stop thinking about the stories, and start actually writing them?!

When I was in Kindergarten (until sixth grade actually) I got low marks for “uses time wisely.”  Well guess what mom, it was because I was making up stories and not writing them down!  I feel like nothing has changed… (I laugh, but it is true.)

So, maybe if I can get something written this week, it will start motivating me. I should focus on one thing… just write one thing… Oh yea…. I did. I wrote this blog. Hm… maybe there’s hope for me yet!




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