Deep and Dangerous

I read someone else’s blog today and it was very deep, like the depths of the universe deep.  I realized after I read it that my blogs are anything but deep, which is strange because I’ve been accused of being a very deep and introspective person. Well, I guess that’s just not what my blog is about though. My blog is about my writing.

So, why, you may ask, am I writing about getting all personal and deep?  Well, the thing that moved me with the other writer’s blog was that what she wrote about was personal, relative to others, and yanked my emotion chords. In other words, it was darn good writing.

It wasn’t a story; it was just a narrative about that person and how she related to the world and how she had changes in her life and how growing up changed her. But it was essentially the elements of life that any good writer (or wanna be writer like me) wants to put into their stories.

So, how do I grasp these emotions and cram them into my tales? Easier said than done, but I think the key is in keeping it real.  Even though my fiction is fantastical, it needs the human element. Can we relate to this thing that is going on? Can anyone stop and think… I felt that way once?  If the answer is “yeah, man,” then maybe my story will be good. Maybe it will make the reader laugh or cry… and in that instant I my job will done!

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