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Cupid’s Christmas Arrow

Christmas-cupid-customdesign-JayAheer2016-finalimageDo you believe in Christmas miracles? Love at first sight? How about getting hit with Cupid’s arrow? Can it happen to you?
Ami is a cupid, behind on his quota. Bringing love to lonely humans is a satisfying career, until he starts to recognize just how lonely he is. It is Christmas time and he can no longer bring himself to do his job.
Paul is an up and coming musician with a happy soul. He has raw talent and the support of family and friends. Success is his for the taking. It’s Christmas time and life is good. Then a stranger comes into his life, and they are a match made in heaven, until Ami just disappears…
Will love bring a Christmas miracle when Ami, the failing cupid, meets Paul, the aspiring musician?


Excerpt ahead and it’s Hot… NSFW!

Ami didn’t have any more experience with fellatio than he did with actual sex. Ami hadn’t ever had much need to be with someone. As a cupid, his job was to make people fall in love, not worry over the sex. He’d never really even thought about it. In the heavenly realm, he knew other gods and goddesses got together, but as immortals, they couldn’t hold each other’s attention long. Ami didn’t think love could exist for them, so he never bothered with it. The few experiences he’d had were quick and unfulfilling, so he hadn’t realized sex and love were so entwined. As he licked and sucked Paul’s cock, he decided it didn’t matter. He wanted to bring pleasure to his wonderful mortal for however long it lasted.

“Is this right?” he asked.

“Right? Oh Ami…nothing you do could possibly be wrong.”

“Mmm…good to know.” Ami wrapped his fingers around the base of Paul’s cock and used his mouth and tongue in conjunction with jacking him off until Paul was gasping and exploding into Ami’s mouth.

He instinctively swallowed after a moment of thinking he was going to gag. The taste was bitter and salty and sour all wrapped up together. Ambrosia.

“Your turn Ami. Come here.”

“What? No, uh…you don’t have to.”

Paul practically growled as he jumped up and tackled Ami, pushing him down and covering Ami’s body with his own. “If you don’t think I want to, you’re crazy. I’ve wanted to get my mouth on you since I opened my eyes and saw you watching me play.”

“Was that just yesterday?”


Paul didn’t say anything else after that. He lowered himself between Ami’s legs and promo editsucked him into his mouth, to the back of his throat, and hummed around Ami’s cock. He thought he’d gone to Hedone’s manor—the tales he’d heard of ultimate pleasure. His imagination didn’t hold up to this pleasure of Paul’s wet mouth sucking and swallowing and teasing him. His soft tongue rubbed across the head of his dick, soft yet firm, and sent the most delicious tingling through his groin and fluttering up into his heart.

More and more, sucking and pleasure until Ami thought he would lose his mind, and then his entire body shook convulsively and stars blinded him as he exploded into Paul’s mouth. The physical pleasure was intense and satisfying and nothing at all compared to how Paul took all of him, all of his seed, into him, swallowing with the look of bliss on his face. It was as if Paul needed Ami’s come like a lifesaving medicine.

Ami didn’t stop trembling until Paul had him wrapped in his arms again and his lips pressed against Ami’s. Paul kissed him softly and ran hands through his messed hair. Nothing else existed in the universe except Paul.

cupid image

Cupid’s Christmas Arrow is one of the prizes up for grabs in the Rafflecopter giveaway. The paper back is a work of art…and a huge thanks to Jay Aheer and Simply Defined Art for putting such a beautiful cover package together for me.

Take a peek on Amazon:  Paperback Book Link

And if you do Kindle Unlimited, your in luck, because you’ll find it there, too:  Kindle Link

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Don’t forget the giveaway…. For a signed paperback of Cupid’s Christmas Arrow, a $10 Amazon giftcard, & an eBook of Frostbite Christmas to one winner!


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