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Paradise Lodge by Riina Y.T.

PL_Cover.pngAzariah Bell is a nervous wreck. He isn’t prepared to spend the final week of the year with his best friend, Ky O’Sullivan, lead vocalist for their pop rock band, Moving Insignia—especially after the fight he caused before they parted ways two weeks ago.

Afraid of not being taken seriously by Ky, Azariah was concerned about what confessing his feelings would do to their friendship, or the band. He tried to keep his emotions in check, but instead, he exploded in anger over some petty issue, and now he’s potentially lost Ky forever.

Ky is looking forward to the band’s annual writing retreat for a week of songwriting and recording at a secluded mountain resort. Spending Christmas with his family gave Ky time to reflect on how he’d handled Azariah’s epic meltdown. It wasn’t good, and Ky is determined to uncover the true nature of Azariah’s unusual behavior. They didn’t keep secrets from each other, or so he believed.

Expecting to see the rest of the band when they arrive by helicopter, Ky and Azariah are shocked to learn they are alone at a deserted lodge. When they discover they’ve been set up by their bandmates so they can “sort it out,” their choices are few. But it’s critical for them to resolve their problems if they have any hope of enjoying the new year together, let alone make that new album happen.

Book Info:

Author: Riina Y.T.

Release Date: December 3, 2018

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

MM  Romance  Contemporary

Sex Content: Explicit

Orientation: Bisexual, Pansexual

Identity: Cisgender

Tags: friends to lovers, holidays, musicians, new adult, vacation

Price: $3.99



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Author info:

 Author of Spring, Bax & Butterflies, Missing Piece & Blame the Fireworks.

Riina currently resides in Germany. She spent countless exciting days in the UK and US and lost her heart in Tokyo.

She would be thrilled if one day her stories could brighten someone’s day in the way those beautiful romances always lighten up her dull everyday life. Riina is looking forward to sharing many more stories with the world.

When she doesn’t daydream about boys in love, and isn’t glued to her Kindle, Riina loves to travel the world and explore the unknown.

Contact Riina at: 



We were so glad Riina could be here, that we stopped and asked her a few questions….

How and When did you start writing?Back in 2009 my closest internet friend and I started writing (MM) fan fiction. Over the course of three years we’ve collected nearly three hundred drabbles and short stories as well as a few novellas, most of them starring our favorite Japanese pop band. When I discovered the fantastic MM romance community, and all the original fiction focusing on LGBTQ+, I was in awe. It was like finding a piece of your life you didn’t know was missing. I took a break from writing but eventually went back to it, only this time I’m creating my own characters.  

What’s your favorite theme or genre to write and why?I love sweet romances. Friends discovering their feelings for each other. Second chances at love. Reuniting with a friend or lover after years apart. I like to escape in a world where such things are possible, where love conquers all. I’ve never experienced the kind of romance I dream of so I enjoy exploring these situations and feelings in my writing.   

What kind of research did you do for your current book?Paradise Lodge didn’t require a lot of research actually. With Ky being a Leo and Azariah Scorpio. I did some more character traits digging, but since I’m Leo myself and a lot of my friends are Scorpio, I had a pretty clear idea of how the two of them would work out their issues. Finding the location I had in mind was pretty easy as well. Paradise Lodge is based on an actual mountain lodge in Oregon. The story came together quite fast!   

If you were going on a road trip, which of your own characters would you take with you and why?Ky would be fun to have around! We’d get along well, I think. We’re both leo but he’s the fun kind, heh. He also has a beautiful voice and I’d love to listen to him sing along to their band’s music. I love road trips and I’m sure he does too!   

Do you snack while writing? If so, what do you munch on? Snacks are a must! Recently it’s been Golden Oreos! You can’t do anything wrong with cookies or MM’s.   

What rituals do you have when you write? I don’t have any rituals. I write in between getting other things done, take notes on my phone when I have an idea or some random dialogue pops into my head while I’m taking my dog on a walk. I’ve never thrived on having a routine for anything.   

Coffee, tea, or soda?Coffee. I usually start my day with a Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino.   

What’s your next project?Having so many characters on my mind makes it difficult for me to decide whose story is the most ‘interesting’, so I’m working on a handful of project at the same time. I have a couple of Young Adult ideas and another sweet, friends/lovers reuniting story I’m working on. Then there is one college themed and another with paranormal touches. I also want to tackle something that will ask for a lot of research! Perhaps one day I’ll write that ‘vampire assassin’ story I can’t get out of my head.  

What inspired you to write your current story?Ky has been on my mind for a couple years now, I’ve wanted to give him a story for so long. I listen to a lot of British pop, especially boy bands. It puts me in a good mood. When I was brainstorming possible scenarios for a New Years Eve gone wrong, I wondered what would happen if the party Ky and his bandmates had planned didn’t go as expected. It felt like the right time to spend some time with him!   

What would be your dream vacation?I’ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean. Rent a custom build pirate ship (a Spanish galleon replica) and stay at a private Island for a few weeks, or months. I wouldn’t mind to actually live that way! =D

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  1. susana

    Sounds like a great read. And I love the cover!

  2. Joscelyn Smith

    The book sounds great, something new for my TBR list.

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