Welcome Nicky James

Today we have Nicky James with The Christmas I know.

Andrew Walker has memories of what Christmas is supposed to be like. Having lived so many years without a family to share the holidays with, he’s determined to rebuild traditions with his fiancé, Val. However, Val’s ideal Christmas doesn’t align with Andrew’s. 
Not only do the men come from two different worlds, but they live thousands of miles apart. 
During a disastrous trip to Toronto to visit Val for the holidays, Andrew meets Xavier, a caring and thoughtful man who only wants to help Andrew out of a bad situation and get him where he’s supposed to be for Christmas. 

Xavier grew up in a loving home filled with a holiday spirit that reminds Andrew of his childhood. Reflecting on life and love, Andrew realizes how mismatched he and Val truly are and wonders if this is the life he’s destined to live.

Perhaps being alone is better than settling for someone who doesn’t make him happy.

Except, no one should be alone at Christmas, so when Xavier finds out Andrew’s plan to travel home alone after ending his relationship with Val, he has a different agenda.

Maybe it’s time Andrew gets a taste of the Christmas he knows in his heart.

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The Christmas I Know was written to be a breath of fresh air and a step away from my usual angsty stories. Growing up in a huge family, Christmas was always a time of year for traditions. They didn’t always involve extravagant gifts but were filled with little family-made fun times that I will never forget. They are the kinds of things that I carried on with my own family, and ones I hope will be taken to the next generation too.

In this story, Andrew has all kinds of memories of Christmas, including Christmas tree cutting, stringing popcorn, watching traditional movies, baking cookies, and listening to carols. However, it’s been a long time since he’s had anyone to share it with. His current fiancé doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

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While taking this writing journey, I brought my own Christmas traditions to life again, living them through Andrew and Xavier. Not everyone celebrates the same way—and there is nothing wrong with that—but finding that special someone who can enjoy the Christmas YOU know always makes life that much better.

I hope you enjoy

~Nicky ❤


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3 responses to “Welcome Nicky James

  1. MIssy C.

    Oh Nicky this looks so good! I have loved all your other books, I am sure this will be added to my read again list. =)

  2. Not sure if there is a rafflecopter link since it’s not there? but Congrats on the new book! It sounds fantastic.

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