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It is coming… it is coming…

Really…. I’m doing the final edits for “Second Place” right now. This is the short about the hover craft racer. The rough draft is finally finished and it is in the final edit stages. So, that means I will be ready to publish very soon. This will be free to everyone on my website, so I hope everyone is excited. I know I am.

Peace, love, and hover-crafts!!! It’s coming!!!

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Earlier this week I was asked what inspired my writing. Since then I’ve been thinking about that question. What inspires me was originally supposed to be a big part of what I was writing about in this blog, so I guess it is a good time to address that question again.

The short answer is life; everything.  I take in everything and slice a little from this and a little from that and put in a blender and make something else entirely.  Sometimes it is from what is going on in life and my emotions, and sometimes it is from other literature or music.  Whatever I take though, ultimately becomes something else entirely.

When thinking about what inspires me and how it shows up in my writing, a particular scene from my NEXT e-book about vampires, Desolute Incubus, comes to mind.  I wrote the scene years ago when living in Orlando. One of my neighbors really made me mad. The one thing that infuriates me above all else is when someone is being irrational and shuts their minds off to any other possibility than the one they have created.  So, this neighbor got it in her head that my family wronged her daughter in some way, and her response was to yell and scream at my daughter and then at me. She would not even give me a chance to explain or talk about the perceived slight, which of course enraged me.  I wanted to kill her.  In real life I ignored her and we eventually moved, but in my writing I ripped her throat out (yeah, vampires!)  It made a great a scene.

Another example of where I get a lot of my material is from other literature. The example that comes to mind is one of my more recent favorite series by Kim Harrison.  In her “Hallows” series, her main character kicks ass.  I really like that, and in thinking about my own writing, I don’t really have a lot of characters like that. But, when I create one, that character will be like Harrison’s character, but completely different.

Here’s what I mean.  I love Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. The symbiotic relationship between the riders and the dragon fascinate me. So, I wanted to make a character like that, but completely different.  So, I held on to that thought for a while. A long while.  Then, years later, I had another inspiration.  I read C.S. Freidman’s Feast of Souls.  This series has an ancient monster, the stuff of legends, that suddenly returns to cause much world-shattering trouble. I liked that idea. It was a bit like the boogey man, stories you scare the kids with. Be good or the boogey man will get you. But, then the boogey man steps out of the closet and starts eating people.  Hmm… I added that to my blender.  I wasn’t finished though.  The other inspiration came from music. Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks have a song called Rhiannon. The lyrics and the feel of the music added to this development as well.  This is the story of a nasty creature, the stuff of nightmares, that swoops down on an unsuspecting boy and both their lives are changed.  The character has a symbiotic relationship with a nasty creature that is vicious and makes dragons look like kittens. The sentient creatures that share the relationship are just as dark as their partners. They have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and they share the kill of their partners to feed. They are black legend come to life. So, add a little of that ass-kicking quality and I have something altogether new; the Wynath.  This story is still under development, but I hope to put it out within the next year. 

So, the long answer then is that it doesn’t really matter where the inspiration comes from; it comes from everywhere. The more important question is what I do with it and what comes out of my metaphoric blender.

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Always making progress

There is always so much to do and so little time to do it in. It seems my greatest challenge lately is just making the time to write. With my mental block on editing my story, Second Place, that has only made that problem worse.

Well, I’m happy to say I actually made time to work on the story! Woo-hoo! I did a big chunk of editing and worked out my previous blunders.  I still haven’t finished the story, but I think I’m over the hump now that I’ve moved past my block.  I know where I’m going and how I want to lay the story out. I just have to finish writing the narrative and do the final edit. I think I’m about half way now.

My earlier mistakes really set me back, but I learned from it and figured this one out. I call that progress.

Now, I have to go for a walk. I have to make time for my health too! I can’t let myself get wrapped up in any one thing to the exclusion of everything else. I’m learning balance.

I guess it has been a good weekend!

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Another step in the journey

I started writing this blog to document my journey into professional writing. So, my first e-book has been published. Yeah! But, that is just the first step. Now, I have to promote the book.  (Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me on promoting!)  

One of the ways that I want to promote the book is to post a free short story on my website.  The story I’ve been blogging about, Second Place, is going to be that story.  Of course, I have to finish it first.  I’m having a little mental block with it though. I blogged about the big mess up I had with it earlier, and since then I’ve been having trouble going back to it. I know it will be a lot of hard editing.  I just need to suck it up, right!?

Once I’m finished with Second Place, I’m going to put it on the website so everyone can read it.

Then, hopefully, if they like it, they might want to buy the e-book.  So, it is a win-win.  I just hope it is interesting and entertaining.  Besides that, Geddy is a bit stuck in my head right now and she’s keeping me from writing other things, like my second e-book which is looking like will be a short vampire novel.  Vampires are in right now, and I’m hoping my spin will be well received. I have a plug for it already in the back of the e-book. Here’s the plug:

“Vampires are making a come back lately with the success of series like HBO’s True Blood, and SyFy’s Being Human, not to mention Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series. So, if you like Vampires, here are some real nasty ones for you. They try to be good… but…well… they’re vampires!  Get ready to check out what they are up to in my upcoming Desolute Incubus.”

This is a great novel, really shaping up, but I have a lot of work to do on it still and can’t get to it until Second Place is finished.

This is an aggrevating step along the journey, but one I have to face.

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Another sneak peek?!

Here’s another clip from “Stories to Fight Demons by” now available on B&N and Amazon.  This is from the second story “Rubicon” that I named my blog from! Enjoy!

“Sangchai’s motorcycle flew down the remains of an old paved Highway. The Astrograph meter in his System Interface/Protective Eyewear, that he called SIPE, displayed a red arrow pointing south. He slowed the bike to a stop and looked directly at the speck of red light in the bottom right side of his SIPE. Again, it demanded that he head south. The desert stretched as far as he could see, even with his SIPE on 2,000 magnify. Sagebrush, dry grass, different cactus strains, and the queer looking Joshua trees scantily covered the rubble and sand. Everything a dull green, brown and gray blended into the horizon of soft pink sky.

Sangchai did not want to drive across the harsh terrain. The Astrograph’s signal intensified and urged him to move. The tracker implanted in the palm of his right hand itched. He refused to acknowledge it and revved the throttle instead.”

He spotted a tiny path as he jerked his bike around. It slithered through the brush like a tiny garden snake and wound across the desert, slowly circling around cactus and Joshua trees as it crept wider in some places and almost non-existent in others. “I guess that’s where I’m going.” Only a tiny green lizard heard him and dashed out of his way as he picked up his feet and started toward the trail. He leaned forward on his bike as he gassed it, swerving past the bigger bushes that lined the decrepit highway. The Astrograph needle continued to flash steadily, assuring him that he found the correct path. It continued to guide him across the desert floor toward a small mountain chain barely peeking over the horizon.

The road twisted and turned and eventually began to climb toward the side of the mountain. He weaved his bike in and out along the path, avoiding as many rocks as possible. He lost his back tire to skids in the loose sand occasionally, but generally he made decent time, as he gained altitude within the mountain range.

He resented the flashing Astrograph telling him where to go. Smashing the damned SIPE would bring him great pleasure. Even as he thought about it, the tracker in his hand began to itch. Sangchai cursed under his breath and brought his thoughts back on track. His ability to concentrate kept him on task and had kept him alive for too long to give up or give in. He took a deep breath and focused to heighten his senses.”

If you want more… Amazon link:

OR B&N link if you nook:

also.. I learned today (yes, I’m slow on technology) that Nook has a free download to put Nook on your smart phones!!  (Thanks Sheila!!)

If you buy my e-book and like it, feel free to post comments and ratings on either site!! Thank you again for your support!

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E-book released!

Finally, the e-book is available. It will be available at most on-line stores, but it looks like B&N published first. Here is the link:,%20Jordan-Asble

Stories to Fight Demons By by Sherri Jordan-Asble: NOOKbook Cover

I will post other links as the publishers make the book available.  By the end of the week, it should be up on, borders, and more…

It is $4.00 for the book.  Go buy it today!! I hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments on it where you bought the book, on this blog, in Facebook, tweet about it, and/or my guest book on the website at:

Thanks again for your support!!

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Stories to Fight Demons by…

The e-book has been sent to the distributors.  It will be available later this week at and then a few days later from amazon, and others… 

Take a sneak peek into the first story, “Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew”

“Seth strolled past the entrance to the nightclub. He told himself that he did not feel like going in anyway. The place tended to overdo the lights and the crazy mood. It attracted a younger crowd than he didn’t care to be around. He stopped at the corner and leaned against the pink stucco wall that created a false tropical facade. Still feeling the music pumping, he inhaled deeply, enjoying the warm breeze of the summer night. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and looked down the street, trying to appear casual. Palm trees swayed as the soft wind continued down the alley. Seth watched the shimmer of heat coming up from the sidewalk. Out of the mist a beautiful girl in a tight red mini-skirt and three inch heels came striding toward him. Her lips were painted the same red as her skirt, and her hair hung thick and black over her shoulders accentuating the pristine, white lace of her ever-so-low cut blouse. As the woman walked closer, Seth could see blue eyes set in her pale, milky face. She mesmerized him with her strangeness. Seth watched as she passed, and she winked at him. She wore an odd fragrance that tickled his nose, and he could not quite place it, fruity and musky but still a clean scent. She continued on into the nightclub, never breaking her stride. Her perfume lingered too long after her, and Seth thought her lipstick was too red, making her look a little clownish against her pale skin and dark hair. He knew he could not have imagined the woman. He would have conjured up someone with a little more subtlety, though just as sexy. In the two seconds she had been in front of him, she managed to both interest and annoy him. He contemplated going after her, but there was no point. Women like that were not interested in men like Seth. Cold, hard fact. Maybe in a few years, after college, after his career got into full swing, and he had money in his pocket to spend freely, and a sports car to impress a lady, but not now. He did not think he had enough cash in his pocket to pay the cover, let alone buy a lady a drink. Cold, hard fact.”

Find out what happens to Seth and more…   coming later this week!

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AAAHHH!! What have I done??

I have destroyed my story. Sometimes we try things that are different thinking, “Oh, that will be so cool.” Then, it turns out that it isn’t so cool.

I tried to write my story, Second Place, in first person and in present tense. It did not go so well. Maybe I just don’t have the discipline. I kept slipping back into normal third person, past tense. Now I have a story that is all over the place in perspective and tense. Maybe I should pick one thing to try at a time.  I think I over estimated and did too much.

This means edit, edit, edit, edit… OMG… but I really dig where the story is going. So, this means that I have to work on it a little more…

The trials and tribulations of the birth of a story…


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Crazy Week

I can tell what kind of week I’ve been having by my blog stats! Yes, they are down because I’ve not been writing. Imagine that.

I have been working on other projects this week and my blog has suffered, and so has my writing. I was hoping to already have my short story, Second Place, posted to my website, but it is not finished.  So, this weekend I will work on it!  I have been working on it mentally and know exactly what Ms. Geddy is going to do… and I can’t wait to get it typed up so I can share it with all of you.  So, have just a little more patience with me.

I have also been working on getting the e-book published. It just might be out next week.  The book, Stories to Fight Demons By, is finished and sitting in the queue. I have made progress on the “behind the scenes” issues and I think we might be rolling next week! Yeah!  I think these short stories will be worth the wait!  So, hang in there.

Thanks again to everyone that has been checking in with me weekly or daily!  I hope that it will be worth it!

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Second Place

Working hard on my story about the Hover Craft racer. The title is “Second Place.” I’ve got a great start on it. I have some complex themes that I’m trying to weave into the story, such as learning to live with unfilfilled expectations after you’ve done your best. That’s a hard one for me personally, so that is what pops up in my stories.

When I have it finished I will post it to my website and let everyone know to go check it out. It probably won’t be until next week because I’m going to the Sci-fi convention (  this weekend here in Tampa, so I won’t have a lot of time to work on it. AND (even better) I want to see what I learn at some of the writing workshops at the Con and see if I can apply that to this story.

I will keep you posted!

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